Friday Five Roundup: From social media for new dental offices to strict privacy email laws

Dental Economics

Social Media for Start-Ups

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, it may be virtually invisible to the majority of potential patients in your community. Dental practices, as a rule, have a very small radius of reach in the physical world, with most patients living only five to 10 miles away, although there are exceptions for specialists or practices with a national or international reputation, expertise in a certain procedure, or a dental tourism patient list.

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Marketing Land

How Strict Privacy Laws can Inform a Marketer’s Approach to Email

Companies should focus on establishing policies that comply with the strictest privacy laws around the world because it’s simply good for business.

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Science Daily

Your Genetic Make-Up Has Little Impact on Your Dental Health, New Study Finds

A new study has found genetic makeup does not predispose people to tooth decay, however the research did find that children with overweight mothers are more likely to have cavities.

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10 of the Best Marketing Techniques for 2019

Content marketing has exploded in popularity since its early adoption, it has developed into a much more nuanced and complex type of marketing with many techniques for reaching and resonating with an audience. So, to help you learn about the most effective marketing techniques around today, we've rounded up the ten best marketing techniques for 2019.

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Dentistry IQ

What Makes Us Great Dentists Makes Us Bad Business Owners

That attention to detail that makes you such a great dentist may not be helping you when it comes to being a business owner.

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