Friday Five Roundup: From retirement for dentists to reputation management

Oral Health Group

Preparation is Key to Achieve Your Retirement Goals

You’re a dentist. You own your own business. Translation: unlike other employees who may have pensions, who belong to unions, or work for corporations, you’re funding 30 years of your retirement on your own. Regardless of how you have chosen to fund your retirement, whether by taking a salary, with dividends or the sale of your business, let’s talk about the three items that have the most impact on our investment portfolios.

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Marketing Land

Facebook makes ThruPlay default for video campaigns, begins phasing out 10-second view optimization

Facebook is making ThruPlay the default buying option for video ad campaigns, the company announced Thursday. You'll need to manually change campaigns set to optimize ad delivery for 10-second views, or your campaigns will be paused at the end of July.

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Science Daily

Dentists Can Be the First Line of Defense Against Domestic Violence

New findings indicate that oral biomarkers may help health providers identify victims of domestic violence.

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Reputation Management: How to Protect Your Brand Online in 2019

Nowadays, your reputation is largely dependent on social media and online review sites. Since brand image makes such an impression on someone's decision to purchase, it's critical you regularly monitor your reputation online.

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Dentistry IQ

The Top 5 Reasons Your Dental Patients Just Aren’t Showing Up

Here are the top five reasons patients are not showing up, along with a little advice to get them to make their appointments a priority.

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