Friday 5 Round-Up: Budgeting and Marketing For Your Practices During COVID-19

  1. Oral Health Group

Following The Money

In the pandemic year of 2020, other than serious emergencies, there were few treatment payments to dental practices... Meanwhile, much of the patients’ premiums are accumulating with the insurers. 

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  1. Marketing Land

How and Where to Fight for Your Marketing Budget

While many businesses should consider reduced top-of-funnel ad spend, very few should abandon it altogether. You’ll want to ensure you are in position to power back during the recovery.

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  1. Patient Pop

Ways to Manage Your Reputation During COVID-19

Times are uncertain for patients. Seeing the doctor has changed, and emotions can run high. Here’s what to consider when responding to online reviews and comments.

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  1. Dentistry IQ

Pivoting Your Dental Practice for Success During COVID-19

Don't think of "culture" as just the latest buzzword for dental practices. It's a very important piece to the success of your practice. If you don't create an excellent culture, it will create itself, and that's usually not a good thing.

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  1. Dental Economics

Trending Dental Marketing Strategies for The Post Pandemic Era

Marketing guru Joy Gendusa examines messaging strategies dental practices are relying on to get through this unprecedented time.

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Friday 5 Round-Up: Research For COVID-19 Solutions: From Cell ‘Membrane on a Chip’ to Vaccine in Clinical Trials for Military Use

  1.  Science Daily

Newer Variant of COVID-19-Causing Virus Dominates Global Infection

New research shows that a specific change in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus virus genome, previously associated with increased viral transmission and the spread of COVID-19, is more infectious in cell culture.

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2.  Science Bulletin

Cell ‘Membrane on a Chip’ Could Speed Up Screening of Drug Candidates for COVID-19

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Researchers have developed a human cell ‘membrane on a chip’ that allows continuous monitoring of how drugs and infectious agents interact with our cells, and may soon be used to test potential drug candidates for COVID-19.

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3.  Oral Health Group

Case Management Can be Key to Helping High-Risk Children

An ADA-supported study by two North Dakota dental professionals showed that proactive dental case management facilitates referrals and appointment compliance, reduces reimbursement barriers, and reduces the need for more costly future treatment for high-risk low-income children by promoting the prevention of dental disease.

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4.  Dentistry IQ

Stronger as a team: Closing The Gap Between Dentists and Hygienists

Now more than ever, it’s vital that dentists and dental hygienists team up to provide safe, reliable care to patients. Shannon Richkowski, RDH, stresses the importance of teamwork regarding these two essential professions.

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5. United Press International

Chinese officials announced Monday that they have approved a new COVID-19 vaccine for immediate use by military personnel. The vaccine, called Ad5-nCoV, is currently being evaluated in clinical trials.

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