Friday Five Roundup: From patient attrition to leveraging 'near me' searches

Dental Economics

Patient attrition: 3 steps to finding a hidden gold mine

For most of us, “attrition” brings to mind parafunctional habits, occlusal guards, and worn dentition. However, there is another form of attrition that we should be even more concerned about: patient attrition.

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Marketing Land

Learn How to Target Adjacent Markets With Smart Risk-Taking

Here are three ways marketers can move into new markets while staying true to their core audience.

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Science Daily

The Healing Power of a Smile: A link between oral care and substance abuse recovery

A new study links the benefits of comprehensive oral care to the physical and emotional recovery of patients seeking treatment for substance use disorder.

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How To Leverage The Rise of "Near Me" Searches

People searching online for local services are now more prevalent than ever before. If you haven't optimized your business for "near me" and voice-activated local searches, it's time you consider doing so.

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Dentistry IQ

Converting Human Capital to Investment Income in Your Dental Practice

Owning and operating a dental practice calls for a myriad of financial decisions and investments. This advisor approaches those decisions from a human capital angle.

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