Friday Five Roundup: From reputation management to holding your dental team accountable


Ford Government Creating Ontario Health Super-Agency

Health Minister Christine Elliott announced plans Tuesday to consolidate Cancer Care Ontario, eHealth, LHINs.

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What a Reputation Management Expert Won’t Tell You About Bad Reviews

Most consumers and businesses know that online reviews matter, but they are wholly unaware of how those reviews can be altered, rendered completely insignificant, or even erased. Reputation management experts (RMEs) are hired for this express purpose. But not everything about the profession is obvious.

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Science Daily

Activating Tooth Regeneration in Mice

Most reptiles and fish have multiple sets of teeth during their lifetime. However, most mammals, such as humans, have only one set of replacement teeth and some mammals, like mice, have only a single set with no replacement. This diversity raises both evolutionary questions -- how did different tooth replacement strategies evolve? -- and developmental ones -- which mechanisms prevent replacement teeth in animals that lost them?

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How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how to use LinkedIn advertising to create impactful inbound marketing campaigns.

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Dentistry IQ

3 Ways to Hold Your Dental Team Accountable

True accountability is giving people the tools to help them develop as professionals so that they can do their jobs. Unfortunately, most leaders don’t understand how to instill a sense of accountability in their teams. But if you want to have a great team, one that runs like well-oiled machine, accountability is key. And it begins with you.

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