Friday Five Roundup: From digital advertising budgets to stronger dental fillings

Dental Economics

What’s Your Reason?

I could list a lot of reasons why we as dentists need a business boot camp. I’ve heard several of them from attendees of our Principles of Practice Management conference over the past three years. I’ve spoken with new dentists who had just purchased their first practices and had no idea what to do next.

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Digital Advertising is Feasting on the Corpse of the US Yellow Pages

After years as the darling of Madison Avenue, digital advertising is finally expected to surpass spending on TV, radio, billboards, print, and other traditional media formats in the US this year. Spending on digital advertising will rise to around $129 billion, while traditional advertising slumps to $109 billion, predicts research firm eMarketer.

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Science Daily

Dental Fillings Could Last Twice as Long

A compound used to make car bumpers strong and protect wood decks could prevent return visits to the dentist's office. A team of researchers has created a filling material that's two times more resistant to breakage than standard fillings. The team also has developed an adhesive that's 30 percent stronger after six months in use than adhesives that are currently used to keep fillings in place.

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Insta-Worthy Destinations: How businesses are creating experiences for the selfie fan

A growing number of companies are building their business models around the selfie, attracting people with destinations that beg visitors to take out the phone and snap away.

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Dentistry IQ

3 Important Dental Marketing Trends for 2019

To achieve a competitive advantage for their practices in 2019, dentists need to rely on digital marketing strategies now more than ever. With the advancements in communication technologies during the last decade, consumers have more knowledge at their disposal than they ever have.

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