Friday Five Roundup: From fluoride water to vertical visuals


A Common Oral Infection May Contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers led by a team at Cortexyme, a San Francisco-based startup pharmaceutical company, found evidence that the same bacteria that causes chronic gum infections may contribute to the buildup of the plaques and tau that are the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Search Engine Land

Fighting Brand Fatigue Through A/B Testing

Here's how an e-commerce business tested different ad copy and images on Facebook to lower their CPA by 70 percent over three months.

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Canadian Cities Rethink Removal of Fluoride from Tap Water

As some city councils vote against fluoridation, one mayor asks for health ministries to take over.

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Content Marketing Institute

Why You Need Vertical Visuals If Your Audience is Mobile

Today, smartphones are ubiquitous and vertical content is a must-have. The two are inseparable. One cannot mention vertical content without using the term “mobile” in the same sentence.

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Dentistry IQ

Avoiding Communication Breakdowns in Your Dental Practice

Everyone knows that no relationship, whether personal or business, will survive without good communication. As a dental practice, your efficiency absolutely relies on having excellent communication between the doctor(s) and team. Learning how to avoid communication breakdowns will help ensure that you are operating a well-run dental practice.

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