Friday Five Roundup: From Bill Gate's 2019 resolutions to social media for dentists

Oral Health Group

Boost Your Social Media Results

Whether you have been on social media for years, or are just getting started, chances are you’d like to increase your effectiveness. By “effectiveness” I mean, get more likes or followers, expand your visibility, increase interaction, and of course attract new patients. We’ve seen great results for all of these objectives with social media advertising and promotions, such as placing ads or sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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6 Form Error Message Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Your visitors are bound to make the occasional mistake while completing your online forms. When it comes to shipping or registration forms, for example, there are a number of form fields a visitor is required to complete. And let’s face it, your visitor may not be thrilled about having to enter their address, credit card information, and more, and therefore, they may move through your form quickly. Chances are, some visitors will misspell something, type in an incorrect zip code, or miss a number in the credit card field.

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Mouthing Off - ASDA Blog

Building Confidence With Your Patients

But why does it seem, at times, like patients don’t trust dentists? Some might argue that part of their frustration comes from prior negative experiences. Even before they get into the chair, patients can harbor skepticism and doubt about their dentist’s trustworthiness.

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Here’s What Bill Gates Learned at Work in 2018

At the end of every year, Bill Gates questions himself. It’s part of a long-standing tradition, one upheld by many of us, as we set resolutions and broader themes for the year ahead. Over the years Gates’s questions have changed drastically, he writes in a just-released year-end letter. In his 20s, it was just one, really: Is Microsoft software making the personal-computing dream come true?

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Dentistry IQ

The Top 5 Reasons Dentists Don’t Need an Effective Recare System

Maybe it’s the penchant for mid-afternoon lattes or the hilarious monologues people can’t seem to get enough of, but people have recently been watching their fair share of late-night television. This got me thinking about why dentists might not want or need an effective automated recare system. Listed here for your reading pleasure are the top five reasons dentists are not interested in automating their patient communications.

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