Friday Five Roundup: From safety in digital marketing to dental costs

Dentistry Today

Tooth Extraction System Provides Ease of Use

The Physics Foreceps atraumatic extraction system from GoldenDent is designed to provide a simple, predictable, and unconventional method for extracting teeth regardless of the practitioner’s extraction experience, or the condition of the tooth, while providing a positive patient experience.

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Hackers Account for 90% of Login Attempts at Online Retailers

When you have a 3% success rate you can do a lot of damage (or spend someone else's money) very quickly. Most criminals will try to steal your credentials from 'weaker' security websites and use them on higher security e-commerce sites. So if you wanted to change even thing about your password security, keep that in mind!

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Province Quickly Reverses Course on Children's Dental Cleanings

The Nova Scotia government has quickly reversed a decision earlier this month that removed a type of dental cleaning coverage from thousands of families with young children.

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[a]list Daily

As Brand Safety Concerns Grow, Marketers Taking Action

In today's digital environment, brand safety is more challenging than ever. From fake news to other questionable content, advertisers are being forced to be more careful and cautious in navigating their media supply chain.

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Dentistry IQ

The Real "Bottom Line": Patient well-being and practice finances can exist in harmony

Recently, a dental hygienist asked a question that sparked much conversation and debate. "Should it be our production numbers or the numbers of lives we are able to touch that measure us? My feeling is that these two measures are not mutually exclusive and, in fact, work in concert with each other."

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