Friday Five Roundup: From 'Guardians of the Gums' to becoming a billionaire by playing nice

Yahoo News

From 'Guardians of the Gums' to 'Tartar Wars': Movie-loving dentist's billboards go viral

The Guardians of the Galaxy spoof advertises ArDente Dental of Frankfort, Ind., and simultaneously reveals a competitively priced braces plan ($199/month), a Groot knockoff shouting “I am Tooth!”, and a female Star Lord brandishing a large toothbrush. Turns out, that plaque-fighting superhero is none other than dentist Jill Snyder.

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Slack Was Able to Become a $7 Billion Company by Playing Nice With Others

Slack’s ethos is one of inclusion. On a product level, its ability to integrate with other companies and apps set it apart. Though it was by no means the first workplace messaging app, the platform was built to seamlessly work with other workplace tools like Salesforce and Google Docs, which became a unique selling point.

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Science Daily

Biomaterial Could Keep Tooth Alive After Root Canal

A root canal ranks high on most people's list of dreaded dental procedures, and it results in a dead tooth susceptible to further decay. Now scientists have developed a peptide hydrogel designed to regenerate dental pulp after a root canal, preserving the tooth.

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4 Ways Millennials and Gen Z Are Disrupting Packaging

There’s little doubt that the youngest generations of consumers are transforming the shopping experience. As millennials move into the mainstream and Gen Z enters adulthood, these digital and social natives are not only exhibiting new shopping behavior, but they’re also shifting how brands interact with their consumers. And this is apparent in the way top brands are changing their approach to product packaging.

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Dentistry IQ

Tell It to Them Straight: Conversing confidently with patients

Maybe you received the Golden Scaler award in your hygiene program, or you got a 4.0 GPA throughout hygiene school, but you aren’t comfortable conversing with the patient in your care. I would like to share with you some tips that have worked for me to engage my patients in their own oral care needs over my career as a clinician and educator.

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