Friday Five Roundup: From marketing stunts to money talk

Mouthing Off - ASDA

Straight (Money) Talk to a New Dentist

These pointers should help you make thoughtful financial decisions as a dentist, largely without regret.

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Billion Dollar Business Models Explained: Uber, Amazon, Netflix, & More

Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, and Tesla all have one thing in common: even though they're some of the best brands in tech, the strength and viability of their business models are what propel them to the top of their industries.

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How this Founder Bootstrapped a Profitable SaaS Product for Dentists in Under Three Years

Sophia Chou, Boston raised, dentist turned web product professional has co-founded and been building for the last three years, Auxpanel, a business intelligence dashboard to help dentists manage the business side of their practices.

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5 Big Marketing Stunts That Worked and What We Can Learn From Them

A big marketing stunt has the potential to either make or break your business. While a misstep could wreck your brand’s reputation, a success could catapult your business into viral success. From brand awareness to driving sales, the right marketing stunt can help businesses of all sizes reach their goals.

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Dentistry IQ

Is Online Booking for Dentists Worth It?

In this age of cut-throat competition, it's important for every business to upgrade itself to meet the changing needs of its customers. That, of course, includes dental practices. A recent study showed that by the end of 2019, nearly 66% of health systems in the United States will adopt a self-scheduling system and about 64% patients will prefer online booking using digital tools.
That’s a high percentage of patients preferring to not speak to anyone and book their dental appointments directly online at their convenience. Let’s think about what this will mean for dental practices.

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