Friday Five Roundup: Social media strategies for branding & dentists

Dentistry IQ

How to Kick-Start the Social Media Strategy of Your Dental Practice

The social media guidelines that will help you with your marketing plan and brand awareness. Engage with customers, embrace new strategies, and boost your competitiveness!

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Why The IHOP Name Change? Because Hotcakes Aren't Selling Like Hotcakes

IHOP gained some new attention for a stodgy old brand. And it seems to be positioning itself to better serve consumers throughout a day that extends past any reasonable pancake hour. That’s especially the case if the social-media blabbing by its own workers is true about how the new b stands for burgers—that most beloved foodstuff of Americans and others around the world.

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123 Dentist

DIY Braces – 6 Reasons Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals

DIY braces and at-home teeth straightening kits are popping up all over the internet and claim to yield dentist-quality results. Here’s why you should leave it to the professionals and avoid the dangers of DIY dental treatment.

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Digital Agency Network

Best Ways To Anticipate Your Customer Needs

Trends and strategies that make sure customers have a great experience with your brand. Know your audience and reinforce communication.

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Mouthing Off - ASDA Blog

Building Leadership and Service Into Your Dental Education

In a world where success or failure is measured in fractions of a millimeter, it can be daunting for dental students to extend themselves beyond their curriculum. Despite the academic rigor and physical demands of dentistry, dental school is an important time to become involved in the community and grow as a leader.

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