Friday Five Roundup: From the need of business education for dentists to traits of digital marketing leaders

Dentistry IQ

The Desperate Need for Business Education in Dentistry

When I talk with other dental professionals, they agree: something is missing in their practices. I'm talking about the business of dentistry. I've had the honor of working with hundreds of practices through my 26-year career, and it’s clear there’s a huge lack of business education in dentistry.

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Six Traits All Great Digital Marketing Leaders Possess

When hiring for the director level or above, a majority of companies still struggle to identify the set of traits that characterize good digital marketing leaders. Some place such weight on business-sector knowledge that marketing leadership skills are deprioritized. From being around both great leaders and average leaders, here are the six traits that the great ones have in common.

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Dentist's Money Digest

Want to Be the Go-To Dentist? Start By Understanding Who You Are

In an over saturated dental practice marketplace, the question then for patients is, why go to one dentist over another? And that's why it's so important for dentists to distinguish themselves from their peers, and their competition.

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The Star

The Future of Digital Marketing in a Data-Privacy World

With the recent changes in the data policies, how to use this opportunity to build relationships with customers?

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Dental Economics

Better Patient Care Through Practice Updates

I learned a lesson about updating a dental office when I purchased a 32-year-old general dentistry practice. The previous dentist’s quality of work made for an excellent transition environment between her work and mine, but the technology needed an upgrade to suit my modern prosthodontics practice. I invested a sizeable amount to obtain the practice and its associated real estate, so I had to modernize incrementally. Here is how I prioritized my upgrades to fit my clinical goals and budget.

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