Friday Five Roundup: Social media content to new research in dental and digital marketing


How the Facebook News Feed Update Will Impact Patients & Healthcare Companies

The epidemic of “fake news” so rampant on Facebook has affected health information just as much as politics. Without question, limiting the amount of this potentially damaging content that patients see is a good thing.

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The Ideal Social Media Post Length: A Guide for Every Platform

There’s no such thing as too much engagement on social media. Marketers can always use more likes, shares, video views, and comments. And integral to driving that engagement is nailing the length of your message. This article is a curation of research around ideal character counts (not to be confused with character limits) for posts and other types of content on different social media platforms.

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Cambridge News

Your Toothbrush Can Tell You How Often You Clean Your Teeth

How honest are you when it comes to oral hygiene? If not they'll soon be nowhere to hide thanks to technology from a Cambridge firm which turns the humble toothbrush into a smart monitoring device.

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How to Use Research to Write High-Converting CTAs and Tailor Your Content

Providing useful content to your audience and selling your product or service to them aren't mutually exclusive tasks. These three tips explain how to use customer research to write compelling CTAs that help you make sales.

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Dentistry IQ

Hearing-Impaired Patients: Are dental professionals listening?

'If a patient wishes to remove their aids, have an office protocol. Something as simple as a denture cup will serve the purpose.'

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