Friday Five Roundup: From dentist who owns John Lennon's tooth to blogging in the age of AI

Dental Economics

A Simple Guide to Email Marketing for Your Practice

Email is an essential marketing tool for informing your current patients and attracting new ones. Using some strategies for patient email marketing just might help your practice improve, grow, and increase revenue.

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How Your Blog Needs to Evolve in the Age of AI-Powered Voice Search

As search moves towards voice, how people discover and consume content is changing. Here's how to prepare your blog for AI-Powered search.

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Science Daily

Cellular Messengers Communicate With Bacteria in the Mouth

Cellular messengers in saliva may be able to regulate the growth of oral bacteria responsible for diseases, such as periodontitis and meningitis. A new study suggests that a body's cellular messengers play an important role in managing the amount of good and bad bacteria in the mouth.

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Content Marketing Institute

How to Create Great Gated Content From Existing Content

If your business is committed to content, you’re probably sitting on a pile of e-books, white papers, and maybe even videos. Wouldn't it be better to find new ways to bring people to the high-value content you've already created?

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The Sun

Dentist who owns John Lennon’s tooth will use DNA test to find Beatle's potential love children in bid to claim slice of his £400m estate

A DENTIST from Alberta who bought John Lennon's tooth is looking for potential love children of the late-Beatle in a bid to stake a claim to his £400million estate.

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