Friday Five Roundup: From 3-D dentures to In-car Deliveries

Dentistry IQ

Data Bite: Only 29% of dentists are extremely familiar with their marketing strategies

Only 29% of dentists are extremely familiar with their marketing strategies and their performance. Furthermore, 17% are only slightly familiar and 9% have no engagement with their practice marketing at all. This is very alarming considering how closely tied effective marketing is to practice success.

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Edgy Labs

4 Ways Authenticity Drives Successful Digital Marketing Services

Transparency and authenticity now matter more than ever in the realm of digital marketing services. Being genuine and sincere is key to a successful digital marketing campaign.

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Science Daily

Drug-Filled, 3-D Printed Dentures Could Fight Off Infections

Nearly two-thirds of the U.S. denture-wearing population suffer frequent fungal infections that cause inflammation, redness and swelling in the mouth. It seems that new 3-D printed dentures could help to reduce that.

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Amazon Key-In-Car Launch

Amazon is taking its relationship with its customers to the next level. On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it is extending its Amazon Key delivery service from homes to personal vehicles. With Amazon Key In-Car, Amazon couriers will be able to deliver packages inside signed up customers' cars.

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DMD Today

Practices Benefit From a Culture of Accountability

Mistakes happen — but when mistakes occur or there’s an oversight, are employees owning responsibility? Are they accountable? Developing a culture of accountability within a dental practice can improve productivity and employee morale, and have a healthy impact on the practice’s bottom line.

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