Friday Five Roundup: From Twitter & Facebook Data Issues to Dental Research & Marketing

Dentistry IQ

Dental practices and retirement: Is your practice headed down the same path as some retail giants?

Macy’s. JC Penny. Sears. Kmart. Blockbuster Video. Kodak. What do these companies have in common? More importantly, what do they have to do with your dental practice?

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Twitter Users Told to Change Passwords After Internal Leak

Twitter's 330 million users are being urged to change their passwords after some were exposed in plain text on its internal network. An error in the way the passwords were handled meant some were stored in easily readable form, said Twitter.

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Science Daily

Acupuncture Possible Treatment for Dental Anxiety

Researchers have found evidence that acupuncture could help people who experience dental anxiety.

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Smart Insights

3 Things Marketers can Take Away From the Facebook Data Debacle

After two days of appearing in front of Congress, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook platform largely avoided any negative repercussions, it grew!

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Medical News Today

Skip the Guilt: Red wine could protect your oral health

Lovers of red wine, rejoice! Researchers have now identified yet another reason why you should keep on enjoying this beverage.

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