Friday Five Roundup: From 2016 Marketing Lessons to Twitter live video and Building Brand Signals



How to Rapidly Build Brand Signals for SEO

"Google wanted to separate the ‘brands’ that produce happy searchers and customers from the ‘generics’ – sites they’ve often classified as ‘thin affiliate’ or poor user experiences," Rand Fishkin.
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What Are The Marketing Jobs Of The Future?

The landscape and tools used in marketing are constantly changing and so are the jobs that go along with them. Learn about the work possibilities in marketing that are just around the corner.
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Canadian Business

The Seven Most Important Lessons About Marketing from 2016

Feelings trumped facts, and even the most innocuous brands found themselves dragged into public conversations they never intended—or wanted—to be part of. Here are 7 things we learned in 2016.
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Twitter Unveils Live Video: Here's What You Need to Know

After the acquisition of Periscope, a live video streaming app, twitter has recently announced the addition of live video streaming feature to their social media platform.
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Globe and Mail

NHL Hopes to Score with Virtual Advertisements on Rink Boards

Advertising on rink boards has not evolved much since it first began appearing in NHL games in 1980.
But during the World Cup of Hockey this week and next, the National Hockey League is experimenting with a major change that it is hoping may eventually become more widespread.
TV viewers of the games have been seeing a virtual overlay on the boards that allows a single brand at a time to take over all of the boards in the Air Canada Centre.
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