Friday Five Roundup: From Facebook ads to new trends, podcasts, and creating a social media calendar



11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)

Have you been posting Facebook ads in an effort to drive people to your website but failing? Here are a few examples to get your Facebook ad just right.
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Capitalize on Trends but Stand Firm on Your Identity

Trends come and go and sometimes they're impossible to escape but learning how to use trends to build your brand is an essential skill for the success of any business
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These 7 Free Podcasts Will Save You $100,000 On a Wharton MBA

Want to learn about digital marketing? Monetizing your content? Scaling your startup? There's a podcast for that.
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SocialMedia Examiner

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar for a Year

Want to deliver quality social media content for the next year? Interested in planning your social posts in advance? A content calendar helps you deliver the right message to your audience at the right time.
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Marketing Tech Blog

Information Generation: Reaching Millennials With a Data-Driven Approach

While many marketers have shifted their marketing mix to focus on digital activities, it is equally important to take advantage of the same treasure trove of data that today's millennials are utilizing.
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