Friday Five Roundup: From NHL dentists to reverse positioning

Oral Health Group

The Ugly, Gory, Bloody Secret Life Of NHL Dentists

When the puck finally came to rest, it was almost entirely inside Craig MacDonald’s mouth. It was Dec. 21, 2007, and with 1:51 left to play, the Tampa Bay Lightning winger, working in his own zone, stepped in front of an errant, elevated slap shot that instantly cleaved a grisly, bloody and impossibly wide swath of carnage through MacDonald’s lips, gums and tongue before reducing nine of his teeth to dust.

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Marketing Land

Email marketing: Infrastructure intelligence

To ensure emails are delivered as intended, marketers may need to wade into the technical nitty-gritty.

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Dental Economics

Are Bottlenecks Sabotaging Productivity in Your Practice?

Are you aware of any bottlenecks in your office that may be lowering your productivity or profitability? Even more importantly, is there a possibility that some of the bottlenecks do in fact exist and you are not aware of them?

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What in the Name of Marketing is Reverse Positioning?

Reverse Positioning is a marketing strategy in which brand or cause awareness, or consumer appreciation, is the primary goal, instead of moving the buyer to purchase a specific product.

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Dentistry IQ

Has Your Dental Website Content Been Copied? Google May Not Like This

Lifting content from another dental practice website to populate your own might seem like an easy fix, but you risk your reputation, and arguably your Google ratings, by doing so. Similarly, you should check if someone has copied your website content.

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