Friday Five Roundup: From dental research to ad pollution

Oral Health Group

Canada’s Homeless People Need Better Access To Dental Care

As the connection between oral health and overall physical health becomes continually more evident, more doctors recognize the need for dental care and coverage. However, there is one part of the Canadian population that lacks access to basic dental hygiene: Canada’s homeless people.

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Marketing Land

Cleaning Up Digital Ad Pollution

Advertisers must take note of how their work enriches their audience’s daily life, not simply whether an ad drives conversion.

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Science Daily

Poor Oral Health Linked to Cognitive Decline, Perceived Stress

Two studies explore the relationship between poor oral health and cognitive decline and the effects of perceived stress and social support on dry mouth among older Chinese Americans.

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How 19 Brands are Using Instagram Stories

To help you plan your Instagram Story strategy, we've compiled a list of 19 brands that have mastered the app feature. Although the brands on this list are larger companies, all of them have strategies that could be easily scaled to fit the marketing budget of smaller companies.

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Dentistry IQ

Would You Pay Top Dollar for Your Own Dental Practice?

This business advisor has seen how failing to address exit plans can make the difference between dentists retiring on their own terms or having to make significant lifestyle reductions when they retire.

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