Friday Five Roundup: From special needs dentistry to social media contests

Dental Economics

Making a Difference in Special Needs Dentistry

Many parents of children with special needs report difficulty in finding dentists who are qualified to treat their children. Although there are nearly 60 million people with disabilities in the United States, a mere 10% of dental professionals are prepared to treat patients with special needs.

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11 Winning Twitter Contest Ideas and Examples

The best Twitter contests have one thing in common: They’re fun! But remember, a successful Twitter contest is only as good as the social media strategy that underpins it. New followers may come for the contest, but make sure to give them something worth staying for, too.

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Oral Health Group

Responding To Complaints Before The Royal College Of Dental Surgeons Of Ontario: A Defence Lawyer’s Perspective

Although the regulatory framework governing complaint matters is quite extensive, the following is the essential information that dentists need to know.

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The Complicated Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

Search is a huge source of customers, but slowly, social media is gradually increasing in importance as a marketing platform. The important distinction to make is that search and social are not competitive forces. Instead, these two facets of inbound marketing can work together to amplify the results of each other.

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Dentistry IQ

Why Your Website is Not Working For Your Dental Practice and How to Fix It

Just having a website is not enough to generate new patients for your dental practice. An excellent website will bring in those new faces, and here's what makes an excellent website.

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