Friday Five Roundup: From gaming in dentistry to virtual influencers

Oral Health Group

Are You Using Online Reviews As a Marketing Strategy?

While the dental industry relies heavily (and successfully) on patients’ word-of-mouth to refer and find dentists, there’s a digital alternative that you should be paying attention to: online reviews.

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Marketing Land

When to Use a Hotfix on Your Site During a Sprint (And When Not To)

Hotfixes can create chaos internally if things are done hastily and hurt the overall customer experience.

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Mouthing Off - ASDA Blog

Train Like a Gamer: How video games could benefit the future of dentistry

Video games could help prime dentists to become better clinicians. Some dental schools such as the University of Pennsylvania already incorporate a form of virtual reality as a teaching tool for students to prepare them for operative dentistry. This allows students to work with dental tools in a virtual space that simulates working on physical objects.

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These Influencers Are Computer-Generated: The Future of Marketing, or Untrustworthy Advertising?

As influencer marketing grows, it's no longer just limited to humans -- as we've seen with Jiff Pom, a Pomeranian with over nine million Instagram followers. But if any human (or pet) can become an influencer, it begs the question -- do influencers even need to exist in real life?

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Dentistry IQ

Podcast: Vaping and what dental assistants need to know

Vaping is one of the most discussed topics of 2019. In this new podcast, Kevin Henry talks with Tom Viola, RPh, CCP, about what dental assistants can do to help tackle the problem.

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