Friday Five Roundup: From dental findings to email marketing


Scientists Use 6,000 Year Old Dental Plaque To Reveal Earliest Evidence Of Milk Consumption

Scientists have discovered the earliest direct evidence of milk consumption by humans. The team identified milk protein entombed in calcified dental plaque (calculus) on the teeth of prehistoric farmers from Britain.

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Saskatoon Man Breaking Up With 550 Facebook Friends Via Phone

James Avramenko is breaking up with his Facebook friends, one by one, with personal phone calls. He's dumped 30 pals online so far — including a former boss, a groomsman and an elementary schoolmate — and has 527 more to go.

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Medical News Today

Stroke Study Finds Mouth Bacteria in Brain Clots

Ensuring good oral hygiene could help to prevent stroke. This was what scientists proposed after finding DNA traces of oral bacteria in samples of blood clots that had caused strokes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Design

Discover how email design can help you effectively reach your target audience, boost conversions, and build long-term relationships with prospects and customers.

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Dentistry IQ

How to Critique a Team Member

Critiquing your team members is not easy. But as the team leader, these conversations will be necessary. Remember to use positive feedback as well, which leads to better learning.

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