Friday Five Roundup: From gamification in dentistry to podcasts

Oral Health Group

Gamification Can Give Dental And Medical Education A Boost

Introducing gamification to medical and dental education can boost student motivation and lead to better learning outcomes, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows.

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Marketing Land

Podcast Listening Growth Continues: Mobile app usage up 60% since January 2018, study finds

Podcast mobile app usage has risen 60% since January 2018, and the sector’s growth is expected to continue as 45% of listeners said they plan on tuning into more podcasts in the future, according to a study conducted by Adobe Analytics. 25% of listeners have bought products discovered through podcast advertising.

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Science Daily

A New Method of Tooth Repair? Scientists uncover mechanisms to inform future treatment

Stem cells hold the key to wound healing, as they develop into specialized cell types throughout the body -- including in teeth. Now an international team of researchers has found a mechanism that could offer a potential novel solution to tooth repair. The study showed that a gene called Dlk1 enhances stem cell activation and tissue regeneration in tooth healing.

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LinkedIn vs. Facebook: Which Is Best for Business?

Facebook is for sharing pictures of your family vacation, connecting with old friends from school, and sharing viral videos -- right? Meanwhile, isn't LinkedIn meant for keeping track of colleagues and making professional connections that further your career?

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Dentistry IQ

Dental Office Managers: Are you on track to meet your year-end goals?

Now is the time to plan your office schedule ahead for the end of the year. It will pay off when the team wants to have extra time off during the holidays.

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