Friday Five Roundup: From virtual CFO for dentists to social media stats

Mouthing Off - ASDA Blog

A Look Into Forensic Dentistry

Forensics is the application of science as it applies to the law, whether civil or criminal. Forensic dentistry, therefore, is the art and science of dentistry as it applies to the law. “All dentists do some form of forensics without realizing it,” says Dr. Barry Lipton, a board-certified forensic odontologist and a faculty member at LECOM School of Dental Medicine, New York University and Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Marketing Land

Spark Creativity: 11 tips to build a more creative business

Creativity is an integral part of keeping any business competitive, but it takes work to maximize your workers’ creative potential. If you’re looking for practical ways to spark creativity in your brand, here are some places to start.

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Science Daily

Elite Athletes Have Poor Oral Health Despite Brushing Twice Daily

Elite athletes have high rates of oral disease despite brushing their teeth more frequently than most people, finds a new study.

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45 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2019

With over 40% of the world's population on social media, it's critical your business devise an effective social media strategy to reach your intended audience. But whether you're pitching a social media campaign to your boss or deciding which social media platform your business should put paid advertising behind, it's vital you use data to support your efforts.

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Dentistry IQ

Growing Dental Practices With a Virtual CFO

Just what is a virtual CFO, and will it help your dental practice. Many practices have tried it, and their bottom lines are healthier.

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