Friday Five Roundup: From regrowing dental tissue to social media trends

Oral Health Group

Regrowing Dental Tissue With Stem Cells From Baby Teeth

New results of a clinical trial suggest that there is a more promising path for children with injuries resulting in a dead tooth: Using stem cells extracted from the patient’s baby teeth.

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Five Social Media Trends That Will Impact Digital Advertising

Social media has become a critical ingredient to every advertiser’s marketing mix. Gone are the days in which social media was simply used for product discovery and awareness. Today, social media marketing plays an increasingly important role in driving intent and conversion within the consumer journey. But the world of social media is dynamic and in constant change.

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Science Daily

What Anglo Saxon Teeth Can Tell Us About Modern Health

Evidence from the teeth of Anglo Saxon children could help identify modern children most at risk from conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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Google Posts: The Free and Simple Way for SMBs to Leverage Local Search

A Google Post is content that promotes a business's announcement, offer, event, or product update on their mobile listing's Posts and Overview tabs and Google My Business website. Depending on the nature of your customers’ search query and your content, your Google Post will either show up on Google’s search or map results.

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Dentistry IQ

8 Small Ways to Delight Dental Patients and Drive Loyalty

To keep your practice thriving, you need to have high patient retention. Here are eight ways you can boost patient satisfaction levels and drive loyalty.

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