Friday Five Roundup: digital marketing transformations to winning the game of dental marketing

Dental Economics

How to Win the Game of Dental Marketing

Are you a pawn in the game of dental marketing? Or are you a powerful king? This month, find out by playing dental marketing chess.

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The Three Keys To Digital Marketing Transformation

Digital transformation means a lot of things to different people. In its simplest form, it is the ongoing pursuit of achieving the highest levels of scale, efficiency, innovation and profit using data and technology. In the context of strategy and operations, I have found three keys to effective digital marketing transformation.

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Disposable Toothbrush Aims to Keep Both Teeth and Planet Clean

It can take hundreds years for a plastic toothbrush to break down if ends up in the ocean, according to the developers of a sustainable, alternative way of keeping your teeth clean. Stuart McDill reports.

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Quick Sprout

How to Increase Sales by Personalizing the Customer Experience

Successful brands put the customer first. They monitor their customers' behaviors and leverage their needs to enhance the buying process. You can also boost your revenue by optimizing the customer experience. If you want to take this concept one step further, you need to focus on one important element that will increase sales.

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Dentistry IQ

Your Dental Practice and Retirement: Is your practice headed down the same paths as some retail giants?

What can today’s established dentists do to roll with the changes and remain viable as retirement looms? Here are some ideas.

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