Friday Five Roundup: From dental research to cognitive computing for marketing

The Star

Becoming a Dentist in B.C. Now Costs More Than 500 Root Canals

Annual numbers released by Statistics Canada confirmed that university tuition is still on the rise across the country. Domestic students starting degree programs this fall are spending an average of $220 more than their peers who started the previous year and $2,901 more than they would have spent a decade ago. But in no other undergraduate discipline is the cost as high or the increase as sharp as it is for dentistry.

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Content Marketing Institute

How to Make Your Content Stand Out in a Crowded, Global Marketplace

If you want results with less effort – and it makes sense for your audiences – think about localized markets. After all, while people may speak English as a second or third language, they’re more likely to search in their native or first language.

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Science Daily

Tongue Microbiome Research Underscores Importance of Dental Health

Elderly individuals with fewer teeth, poor dental hygiene, and more cavities constantly ingest more dysbiotic microbiota, which could be harmful to their respiratory health, according to new research. The findings come from a large, population-based study that identified variations in the tongue microbiota among community-dwelling elderly adults in Japan.

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How Cognitive Computing Can Make You a Better Marketer

If developers want to create computer systems that can actually interact with humans naturally, they need to program cognitive computing into its software, which is a technology that can understand, learn, and reason like a real person.

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Dentistry IQ

All Dental Marketing Goes Through the Front Desk

When engaging in a marketing initiative, dental practices are well advised to consider what might be their weakest link. In this regard the biggest culprit, somewhat surprisingly, is often the front desk.

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