Friday Five Roundup: AI in Dental & Digital Marketing Industry


Will AI Take Over in the Healthcare Industry?

With the rise of AI, it is causing many people to wonder if it will affect the healthcare industry. After all, technology in this digital age is disrupting every product and service little by little. By all accounts, healthcare will be taken over by AI in many applications. Here is what you should know.

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Blockchain Opens Door to Smarter Decentralized Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is so pervasive because it is the easiest and most effective way that companies can monetize their content. Here we explore how blockchain open doors to smarter decentralized digital advertising?

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The Dental Geek

Does your Dental Practice Engage in Effective Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a powerful solution in opening the line of communication. Using social media connects you to all potential patients. Each platform can serve a different purpose and target a variety of demographics. In the dental profession, you have no need for Snapchat or Tumblr… utilize the more informational formats such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

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The Verge

Google Now Says Controversial AI Voice Calling System Will Identify Itself to Humans

Following widespread outcry over the ethical dilemmas raised by Google's new Duplex system, which lets artificial intelligence mimic a human voice to make appointments, Google has clarified in a statement that the experimental system will have "disclosure built-in." That seems to mean that whatever eventual shape Duplex takes as a consumer product will involve some type of verbal announcement to the person on the other end that he or she is in fact talking to an AI.

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Dentistry IQ

How Video Testimonials Can Up the Trust Factor in Your Dental Practice

Video marketing is here to stay. If you’re already using video to boost engagement with your social media pages, consider adding another layer of video marketing to your strategy: video testimonials.

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