Friday Five Roundup: How digital can save money for your practice

Dentistry IQ

Staffing Agencies Versus Placement Agencies: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

Temping in dentistry is common practice and many offices and workers turn to agencies to help fulfill their temporary staffing needs. For employers, an agency can serve as a middleman and alleviate some of the human resource issues surrounding employment. For workers, these agencies can connect them with work that they may not have otherwise found on their own. However, not all agencies are the same and understanding the differences can protect you from potential legal issues.

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Why Adobe is Giving Designers its UX Design Software for Free

One reason is Adobe wants a bigger slice of the burgeoning UX/UI design specialization field to be using its software.

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Dental Economics

Can the Cloud Help You See More 'Green'?

But how do you reduce operating costs without affecting the quality of your care? You may want to take a look at moving your practice to the cloud as a way to reduce expenses. Here are three ideas to consider.

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Three Ways To Accelerate Your Sales Team Through Digital Marketing

It's important to clarify that your marketing and sales team should be working together, hand in hand. Sales teams must understand and analyze the sales numbers to help identify how to define a qualified lead. And they must make sure they help the marketing team by clearly establishing the best types of leads.

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New York Times

The Skeleton in My Closet

My husband, a dentist, was showing me a research skull, the kind dental students use in anatomy class, with metal hinges attaching the lower jaw to each side and two clasps securing the cranium in place.

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