Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Imaging Technology to AI in Digital Marketing

Digital Journal

Squid Ink Provides New Dental Imaging Technology

Improving the accuracy of dental imaging helps patients to receive optimal care. A new imaging method has an unusual material source: squid ink. This helps to improve the clarity and contrast for gum disease inspections.

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Future-Proofing for Growth in the Age of AI

AI is all the rage on tech websites, but it can still seem like a pretty obscure, inaccessible tactic for B2B companies.

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Dentistry IQ

How to Use 2018 to Grow Your Dental Practice (even if you’re in the hole)

Marketing is critical to your practice's survival and growth even if your revenue is declining.

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Business 2 Community

Digital Marketing for Businesses That "Don’t Need Marketing"

I hear this all the time, "our business is not something that marketing would help." This thought process is rooted in the belief that a business’s sales do not come from just anyone but instead come from a small group of industry insiders. Sometimes this thought is accompanied by, “nobody is searching for what we do so there is no reason for us to market.” Read more at

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Science Daily

The Fight Against Tooth Decay Gets Help With a New Smart Material

When patients go to the dentist to fill a cavity, they're trying to solve a problem -- not create a new one. But many dental patients get some bad news: bacteria can dig under their tooth-colored fillings and cause new cavities, called recurrent caries. U of T researchers designed a novel solution: a filling material with tiny particles containing antimicrobial drugs, designed to stop bacteria in its tracks.

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