4 Free Visual Content Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Know

By: Beles Lezina

Digital marketers know creating content can sometimes be tricky. Whether you're new to the industry or a self-proclaimed expert, producing visual content can be a difficult and often frustrating process. Here are four free online content tools that can make it as easy as clicking a button:

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  1. Canva & Venngage
  2. Canva is a content creator that allows users to create infographics, banners, posters and other visuals. The website features pre-made templates which you can customize with different graphics, text and even your own pictures. Most graphics are free but "premium" graphics are also available for $1 each. Venngage is also a similar website that specializes in infographics.

  3. Aviary
  4. Aviary is a quick way to edit pictures online. Owned by Adobe, the website offers basic editing tools like changes to brightness, saturation adjustments and cropping as well as more advanced editing tools such as adding stickers, frames and overlays to photographs. Aviary is also available as a phone app for iOS and Android for picture editing on the go.

  5. Wideo
  6. Wideo lets users create and edit videos and animations. With pre-made templates and "drag and drop" tools, this website makes creating and sharing video content an easy process for digital marketers. Wideo also allows users to upload their own images and video clips as additional assets to use in your production.

  7. ThingLink
  8. With ThingLink, digital marketers can link interactive icons to their visual content, leading viewers to other videos, messages and hyperlinks. This tool is typically used with infographics, posters and images and can help bring attention to other parts of your website or other visuals and messages you want your audience to see. ThingLink is also now available for android and iOS devices.
When it comes to digital marketing, creating visual content is just the beginning. Improving your business' SEO and interacting with audiences online through social media and online reviews are also an essential part of the industry. For all your online marketing needs, visit the UpOnline website or visit our blog.