Friday Five Roundup: From Global Orthodontic Market to Location Sharing

Science Daily

A Focus on Dental Health Can Protect Children from Becoming Overweight

Talking about dental health with children and parents - about what is healthy and unhealthy for your teeth - can be one way to prevent children from becoming overweight.

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Marketing Tech News

Consumers Willing to Share Location Data with Apps Despite Privacy Concerns

Consumer willingness to share their mobile device's location data with apps has grown in the last two years, although many still harbour significant concerns.

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Huffington Post

Too Many Dependent Seniors Go Months Without A Teeth Cleaning"

In Canada, many seniors have been beneficiaries of the protective effects of fluoridated water and toothpaste throughout their lives. But when they get to retirement, they lose dental benefits, cease regular dental visits – possibly when they need them most.

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Marketing Land

Facebook Makes it Easier for Advertisers to Reach People Internationally

Facebook rolled out new features to lower the barrier for brands to advertise internationally. The four new features span an option to streamline campaigns aimed at audiences that speak different languages to tools that can be used to find audiences that may be in many different places.

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Dentistry Today

Global Orthodontic Market to Reach $ 5.9 Billion By 2023

The global orthodontic supplies market is expected to grow from 2016’s total of $3.4 billion to $5.9 billion by 2023. Advances in technology such as clear aligners and lingual braces, which aesthetically provide treatment, are driving this growth.

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