Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Research to Apple & Google Updates

Science Daily

Telling Teeth: More Accurate Aging of Teeth Could Hold the Key to Identifying Health-Compromised Children in Africa

Researchers have investigated dental development for better estimations of chronological age in African populations.

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Marketing Tech News

The Future of iPhone for Advertisers

Years ago, Apple claimed it would completely redefine consumers’ relationships with mobile phones. And they weren’t wrong. The iPhone is arguably the device that kick-started the smartphone market, and put smart devices in everyone’s pocket – which in turn has revolutionized the jobs of marketers. However, following the release of the iPhone X and the year the iPhone turned 10, it looks like Apple has switched focus, and this means change can be expected for the advertising industry.

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Global Restorative Dentistry Market to Reach US$ 21.27 Billion by 2022 by "(Hospital, Dental Clinic, Laboratory)"

The global restorative dentistry market is projected to reach USD 21.27 Billion by 2022 from USD 14.64 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 6.4% from 2017 to 2022. Increase in prevalence of dental diseases (dental caries and edentulism), rising demand for advanced cosmetic dental procedures, growing dental tourism, & increasing dental expenditure are major factors driving demand for restorative dentistry.

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Search Engine Land

Google Updates Mobile Product Knowledge Panels to Show Even More Info in One Spot

Google is constantly changing and evolving. It looks like most recently, it has been working on updating the look of its product-oriented knowledge panels on mobile to show even more details about specific products in the search results.

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Dentistry Today

Galla Chinensis Inhibits Acid to Fight Cavities

Neutral oral environments lead to better oral health, as acid can lead to caries. An herb known as Galla Chinensis that has substantial antiviral, anticancer, hepatoprotective, antidiarrheal, and antioxidant properties also inhibits the acid production of caries-associated bacteria and makes teeth more resistant to acidic attack, researchers have found.

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