Friday Five Roundup: From Canada's Healthcare Budget to Social Media & Dental Reviews

Dental Tribune

Neutrophil and Cancer Cell 'Crosstalk' Underlies Oral Cancer Metastasis

Approximately 3,600 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in Canada every year, yet the survival rates — 50 to 60 percent over five years — have remained stagnant for decades while other cancer survival rates have dramatically improved.

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Marketing Tech

Social Media is Not a Marketer's Silver Bullet – It is Only Part of the Solution

Why do you want to do social media? Here are some of the most common reasons given by business owners and why, realistically, they should not be core aims or goals for any social media user.

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Oral Health Group

Canadian Budget's Health Care Funding Good News for Dentistry

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) supports the federal government's enhanced investments in the Territorial Health Investment Fund, as outlined in Budget 2017. This funding will improve access to health services in the territories—including children's oral health services—and will reduce reliance on medical transport outside the region for treatment.

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The Guardian

Augmented Reality: Apple and Google's Next Battleground

The two biggest players in smartphone software are pitching to win the war for AR. But will Ikea and Pokémon Go be enough to get consumers on board?

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Dentistry IQ

The Make-or-Break World of Dental Reviews

It's difficult to compare the business tactics of mega companies like Amazon with private-practice dentists. But you can't ignore the power of reviews. To get prospects to call your office, you need to show the social proof of why your service is superior to the dental practice down the street.

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