Friday Five Roundup: From ROI on Digital Marketing Strategies to Ad Tech, and Social Media Analytics



Scotiabank Takes its Tech Message Mass

Scotiabank has launched a new marketing campaign centred on its technological innovations, hoping to further establish itself as a digital banking contender and maintain a customer-focused image.
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5 Industries Getting the Most ROI From Digital Marketing

Every company needs a digital plan, but some sectors are more suited than others for this type of marketing.
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What is Ad Tech and Why Should Agencies Care?

74% of marketers want to work with ad agencies who know how to make use of ad tech. But there's still one issue: many young ad agencies are still trying to figure out what exactly ad tech is -- and how they can best use it to their advantage.
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3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Free Social Media Analytics

Social media is a tool that your business should be taking advantage of. From Facebook to Twitter, Natalie O'Grady explains the benefits of utilizing social media and how these analytics can help your business' ROI.
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How To Make Phone Conversations With Customers Better

Despite the introduction of all sorts of new technology, a myriad of new channels and a host of self-service options, when things go wrong, get complicated or become difficult for customers most of them will want to pick up the phone and talk to another human being.

That behaviour makes phone conversations an integral and hugely important part of the whole customer experience, whether the conversations take place at the beginning (sales), middle (service) or the end (renewal) of the customer's journey.
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