Why Your Practice Should Prioritize Consistency

By: Cheska Sia

In the digital world, you want your practice to hold a reputable standing. However, good reviews and high performance levels are not always easily achieved. Fortunately, there is a strategy that could help your practice set and meet goals: consistency.

Consistency involves effort from your practice for the benefit of your patients. Consistency communicates that your practice prioritizes its patients.
From regularly monitoring your website and/or social platform(s) to distributing monthly newsletters, communication aimed towards your patients should be a necessity. Keep your patients knowledgeable about the changes or developments that your practice undergoes. Frequent engagement can help your patients feel comfortable both in and out of the office. Consistency emphasizes how much your practice cares about its patients, which could result in recognition and reliability in the digital realm.

Do you want your practice to stay consistent? Do you want to know how consistency can benefit, not just your patients but, your practice too? Read the following points below to find out.

  • Show Appreciation to Enhance User Experience
  • Whether you post testimonials or hold contests for your patients, let your patients know that you value them. Share their experiences and reward them for choosing your practice. Your practice should create a fun, safe environment that patients want to engage with. Keep them involved by offering incentives and praise in return for their loyalty.

  • Let Your Patients Know You are Listening
  • Patients appreciate an open, direct line of communication with practices. Maintain an active online profile to nurture their needs. Whether through live-web chats or social platforms (like: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), regularly respond to your patient's questions and/or concerns, which could lead to trusting relationships. Since the basis of building a loyal audience is user satisfaction, always aim to give your patients a comfortable and welcoming experience.

  • Help Your Patients Learn About Your Practice Through Interesting Posts/Articles
  • Establish yourself as a figure of authority. Create content that demonstrates your expertise in your field of practice. Share knowledge that your audience will find useful. If your audience finds the content that you produce to be valuable, it is likely that they will share your content across one or more of their social media accounts.

    As more people click your links, there are several ways that your practice may benefit: increased online visibility and improved SEO rankings, resulting in greater potential for new clients. This exposure can appeal to new clients and, in turn, build your practice's following. By gaining high credibility, your audience is more likely to search for and share your practice.

  • Send E-blasts to Your Patients to Stay Involved
  • In order for your practice to achieve and maintain a good reputation, try sending monthly newsletters or conducting surveys. If your patient does not have any social media accounts, chances are high that they have an email address. From introducing new team members to discussing issues that your practice can help mitigate, newsletters allow your patients to keep up to date with your practice.

    People want to be updated with the most current news, so create content that your customers are interested in. Include sections that invite your patients to interact with your practice. Discuss community events or interesting topics that encourage your patients to visit your website and social media for more information. Add Call to Action (CTA) buttons in your e-blasts because they can give your patients the opportunity to actively engage in online discussions.

    Online surveys also allow patients to express their thoughts and/or concerns. However, this approach is more focused towards your office and the services that your practice offers. Feedback from patients can make your practice aware of areas that may need to be adjusted. Implementing these suggestions could potentially build trust with customers. Making these improvements also demonstrates that you work with your patients in mind. If your practice needs help applying these methods of consistency, UpOnline offers great eNewsletter and online survey services to help with your digital marketing needs.

  • Monthly Reports to Measure, Track, and Improve Performance
  • Collect and analyze your website and/or social media platforms' statistics on a regular basis. Record both quantitative and qualitative observations. Organize your data by creating monthly reports. These results will give you an idea of where you stand in terms of your practice's goals and, more importantly, is an indication of how your marketing strategies are doing.

Evidently, consistency plays an influential role in your practice's success. Being consistent can strengthen your practice's relationships with its patients. Allow your audience to contact your practice and keep up to date with the ongoing events at your office. Consistency shows your patients that you value their input and that their well-being is a priority. Consistent activity in the virtual world promotes your concern for hospitality and is an effective way of connecting you to your audience. Through consistency, your practice builds an online presence, asserts reliability in your field of practice, and may observe an increase in patient referrals!