Friday Five Roundup: From Tax on Healthcare Benefits to Digital marketing Tips for Your Practice

Canadian Dental Association

Health Care Providers Urge Federal Government to Not Tax Health Benefit Plans

A coalition of health care service providers warned of the potential negative implications of taxing the premiums paid on employer-provided health and dental benefits.
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Globe and Mail

Google Showcases How Shorter is Sometimes Better in Digital Advertising

The rise in the use of ad-blockers, in general, has signalled to the industry that many people feel advertisers have gone too far – overloading content with ads that are disruptive and slow Web page load times, among other issues.

Where digital video is concerned, ads raise the ire of Web users by forcing them to sit through long prerolls, even when the video they are trying to watch is relatively short.
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Appealing to Potential Patients in the Digital Realm

The accessibility of your practice's website is crucial. In his article, Andrew Medal explains the fundamentals behind what factors can keep visitors on your practice's page and, potentially, turn them into patients.
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LinkedIn Analytics: A Guide for Marketers

LinkedIn is an overlooked social media platform and often used without a good marketing strategy. Learn how to engage with your audience better by getting to know their demographics and behaviour with LinkedIn's Analytics tools.
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Dentistry IQ

How Digital Marketing can Benefit Your Practice

If your dental practice wants to reach out to a wider audience, you may need to make adjustments with prospective patients in mind. In this article, Joy Gendusa highlights additional marketing techniques that can help increase the number of patients that visit your practice.
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