Friday Five Roundup: From Burying Websites to Dead Social Networks



The Stories Behind 5 Social Networks That Never Caught On

Friendster? Orkut? Here are 5 dead social networks you might not remember.
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Marketing Week

Fairtrade Hunts for Emotional Connection in Strategy Shift

As any advertiser knows, the rational agent is a myth, humans make their decisions based on their emotions. Learn how Fairtrade is using these emotional strategies for their marketing and how it can apply to your next campaign.
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This Agency Just Held a Funeral in Its Garden for Its Outdated Website

Nossa, a prominent agency in the Portuguese digital ad scene, recently staged an unusual mock funeral service in the garden behind its Lisbon office. They buried an old laptop to symbolize the passage of the shop's 2012-era website and the birth of a more modern, streamlined portal.
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Content Marketing Institute

9 (More) Lessons From the World's Best Content Marketing Brands

If you want to excel at digital marketing, you will spend a lot of time experimenting with different approaches. Businesses with effective marketing strategies, like Red Bull and Home Depot, highlight techniques that have helped to drive them towards success.
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Financial Post

Loblaw's Taking the Click-and-Collect Route as Retail Rivals Expand Home Deliveries

The country's biggest grocery and drug retailer competes with Amazon and Walmart online for sales of food, health, and beauty items through its "click-and-collect" model, where customers order and pay online and pick up items outside selected Loblaw stores.
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