Friday Five Roundup: From Personalizing Content to Design Thinking, and Instamom


Digital Marketing Magazine

How Important is Personalisation for Content Marketing?

Your business’ marketing tactics greatly impact customer loyalty. Anjana Varsani discusses the importance of building relationships with customers through content marketing.
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Fast Company

How Cult Mattress Company Casper Plans To Get You Into Bed

The New York-based mattress company is using science, design thinking, and whimsy to make sleep products worth talking about.
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Globe and Mail

1A sign of the times: Mazda’s new billboard is watching you

A website is a great starting point and an important centerpiece of your digital marketing eBillboards are designed to catch your eye. But one ad in Toronto right now is looking back at passersby.
A new ad from Mazda Canada Inc. is promoting the MX-5 RF convertible with a real-time counter, using a camera to track how many heads have turned to look at the image of the car. But the digital sign displayed in the underground retail concourse in Royal Bank Plaza downtown is more than a neat – and creepy – trick. It’s also a sign of how the “out of home” ad-signage business is trying to evolve.
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Once poverty-stricken, China’s “Taobao villages” have found a lifeline making trinkets for the Internet

China is promoting eCommerce with guidance to show its worst off better days ahead.
China's official policy of raising citizens out of poverty by 2020 includes encouraging ecommerce business on Taobao in villages and rural areas. And it's working!
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The Atlantic


The enviable, highly profitable life of Amber Fillerup Clark, perfect mother and social-media influencer.
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