Friday Five Roundup: From Digital Marketing Trends to Cures for Marketing Needs



5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Disrupt Your Business

Businesses must have advanced, nuanced marketing efforts or the game is lost to others who do use these tactics. Marketing strategies such as social media outreach, search engine marketing, and web site pop-ups are yesterday's trends. Every business does those now. Here's the next frontier:
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Marketing Land

Cloverleaf's New Grocery Shelf Displays Watch Shoppers, Track Their Emotions

The vision of responsive groceries got closer to reality this week, when retail tech company Cloverleaf announced what it describes as the first digital shelf display with built-in detection of customers' emotional states and demographics. The system will be presented for the first time at the big National Retail Federation show, starting this weekend in New York City.
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The Secret behind Generating More Traffic for Your Business

As you market campaigns through social media platforms, do you ever wonder why your posts don't generate as much traffic for your business? While this method may promote your business well, Ryan Bonnici discusses how optimizing metrics from a different approach will lead to a more successful business.
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MarTech Advisor

Top Cures for Your Marketing Needs

In order to increase engagement with your customers, you must effectively reach your target audience. Shashi Upadhyay outlines three solutions to help companies execute their marketing plans and reach their goals.
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How to Make Your Content Marketing Impossible for Competitors to Copy

The more advancements in digital marketing we make and the more information on how to spy on competitors we share, the more those things are being adopted in various industries around the world.
That means you're more likely to be the target of a spying competitor. It's all fun and games until they start using the same tactics to replicate the work you've been doing. Here are a few ways to make your content marketing impossible to copy.
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