Friday Five Roundup: Dental Marketing Myths Busted

Dental Economics

4 Keys to a Successful, Modern Dental Marketing System

Most doctors don’t have a solid marketing plan. They put up a basic website and then throw something at the wall to see what sticks, or they toss money here or there with fingers crossed in hopes that they’ll get some kind of return. That’s like playing the dental marketing lottery. Instead, you should implement a plan that is designed to safeguard the future of your practice, based on experience, logic, and data.

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Marketing Land

Why Email Marketing Should Work, and Why It Often Doesn’t

Email might not be the sexiest way to promote your business, but if you put in the time and effort, it can be one of the most profitable ways to grow.

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Science Daily

Preventing, Healing Tooth Decay With a Bioactive Peptide

Cavities, or dental caries, are the most widespread non-communicable disease globally, according to the World Health Organization. Having a cavity drilled and filled at the dentist's office can be painful, but untreated caries could lead to worse pain, tooth loss, infection, and even illness or death. Now, researchers report a bioactive peptide that coats tooth surfaces, helping prevent new cavities and heal existing ones in lab experiments.

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Header Tags: What They Are and How to Use Them

Header tags are used to separate headings and subheadings on a webpage. They rank in order of importance, from H1 to H6, with H1s usually being the title. Header tags improve the readability and SEO of a webpage.

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Dentistry IQ

3 Digital Marketing Myths Dentists Need to Stop Believing

Are the marketing “rules” you’re following outdated or inaccurate? Naren Arulrajah says there are 3 persistent myths that dentists need to ignore. Then you'll start to see better results in your marketing efforts and an increase in patients.

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