Friday Five Roundup: From website migration to data breaches

Oral Health Group

Text Message Interventions Could Improve Oral Health of At-Risk Children

Text message interventions have the potential to improve the oral health of at-risk children by positively influencing caregivers’ attitudes and behaviors toward their children’s oral health, according to the results of a randomized pilot feasibility trial published in November 2019 in the Journal of Medical Internet Research- mHealth and uHealth.

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Marketing Land

5 Audiences You Should Exclude From Your PPC Campaigns

Negative audiences help reduce wasted spend and prevent shoppers from being retargeted with products too many times.

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Science Daily

Brush Your Teeth to Protect the Heart

Brushing teeth frequently is linked with lower risks of atrial fibrillation and heart failure, according to a new study.

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How to Successfully Migrate a Website Without Harming SEO [Checklist]

There's nothing more frustrating than going to a website and trying to navigate an outdated webpage. Actually, one thing might be worse: the dreaded 404 error status code. These are warning signs that a website needs to be migrated or was migrated incorrectly.

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Dentistry IQ

Protecting Against the Perils of Dental Patient Data Breaches

This pattern of data breaches is very concerning for dental practices, which are charged with protecting people’s most sensitive information. What can practices do to protect themselves against this growing problem?

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