Friday Five Roundup: Wages, ads, texts, & other ways to manage your dental practice

Dental Economics

How Big is Your Practice Pie?

This dentist is concerned about the salary portion of his overhead running too high. What can he do to get it under control?

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Marketing Land

Facebook Shows Users More Details About Data Used to Target Ads

Users will now be able to see the interests and categories used to target them and where the information came from.

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Science Daily

New Antibacterial Fillings May Combat Recurring Tooth Decay

A new study finds potent antibacterial capabilities in novel dental restoratives, or filling materials.

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Ad Tracking: What It Is & How to Do It

If you're new to running online ads, it's important to spend some time thinking about the specific metrics that will determine the success of your campaign. Ad tracking today exists across a number of different tools and platforms, and advertisers have the ability to collect data on everything from views and clicks, to impressions and behavior across multiple sessions and websites.

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Dentistry IQ

5 Ways to Text Your Dental Patients

Dental patients appreciate that their dentist reaches out to them in an easy way they know and like. Texting is a popular and effective way to reach patients.

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