Friday Five Roundup: Dental industry disruptions to facial recognition for stalkers


From At-Home Orthodontics to Coconut-Flavoured Floss: Meet the startups disrupting the dental industry

Today a host of companies are disrupting the dental industry with everything from at-home orthodontic impressions to coconut-flavoured dental floss in Instagram-worthy packaging to a $290 toothbrush alternative that promises to clean your teeth in six seconds.

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Taylor Swift Reportedly Used Facial Recognition to Try to ID Stalkers

Taylor Swift reportedly has no shortage of stalkers, and an expert says she used facial recognition to try and identify them.

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Global News

Premier John Horgan Opens Door to Including Dental Coverage Within B.C.’s Health Care System

B.C. Premier John Horgan is not opposed to the idea of the province covering dental care as part of the provincial health care system.

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The Star

Online ads spoil Christmas surprises, raise privacy concerns, say experts

Lisa Clyburn knew she had found the perfect gift for her nine-year-old son: a feline-themed logic game that would appeal to his passion for cards and cats. But when she pulled out her phone to show her son a funny cat video on Facebook, she fears she may have inadvertently tipped him off to the Christmas Day surprise after an ad for the present she had just ordered online popped up in her feed, catching the boy’s eye.

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Dentistry IQ

Putting on the Ritz for Patients During the Holidays, and Year-Round

Here are some cost-effective, impactful ways your team can “delight or make right,” or simply thank your favorite patients during the holidays. Empower your team. Trust them.

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