Friday Five Roundup: From using marketing for more patients to Facebook myths & spam

Dental Economics

Marketing: Make no mistake!

When done right, marketing is one of the most lucrative functions in any practice. The right marketing investments are virtually guaranteed to bring you a good return in the form of more new patients and referrals. Your practice may grow initially through word-of-mouth advertising, but if you’re not generating new business through marketing, your practice will eventually plateau.

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47% of Social Media Users Report Seeing More Spam in Their Feeds, Even as Networks Fight to Stop It

Over the past two years, social media networks have made no secret of their efforts to fight the spread of spam on their sites. So, how have these efforts been paying off -- and are users noticing them? According to our data, the survey largely says: No. Here's what we found.

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Science Daily

Research on British Teeth Unlocks Potential for New Insights Into Ancient Diets

Goofy, yellow and crooked: British smiles have sometimes had a less-than-flattering international image, but a new study has put tartar from the infamously bad teeth to good use. Researchers analyzing the teeth of Britons from the Iron Age to the modern day have unlocked the potential for using proteins in tooth tartar to reveal what our ancestors ate.

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3 Top Facebook Boost Myths Debunked

In this increasingly competitive Facebook landscape, you need to make sure your content is working as hard as possible. The Facebook Boost Post button can help you reach your business goals by allowing you to quickly create a Facebook ad out of an original, organic post. But, there are many myths—fake news, if you will—floating around about Facebook Boost.

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Dentistry IQ

5 Ways to Convert Prospects Into Dental Patients

Dentists, spend a lot of money to attract and acquire new patients. With websites, ads in magazines and newspapers, and maybe even radio and television commercials, marketing is expensive! When it works and motivates someone to contact your office, it’s important to efficiently move them from prospect to new patient. Here are five tips to help you make it happen.

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