Friday Five Roundup: From managing your dental practice to Google's marketing innovations keynote

The Dental Geek

Dentistry is the Easy Part: Can You Manage Patients and Your Team?

The best dental practices are not only a result of excellent dental care. Good practices are built on quality relationships between the dentist and patients, the patients and the team, and the dentist and their team.

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What You Missed at Google's Marketing Innovations Keynote

Last month, Google let the world know that big changes were coming to its famed AdWords. Those changes would come in the form of a major rebrand -- and what was once AdWords is now a suite of three separate brands: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager.

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Science Daily

Plaster Which Sticks Inside the Mouth Will Revolutionize Treatment of Oral Conditions

A new biodegradable patch administers steroids directly to oral ulcers and forms a protective barrier.

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How to Use Instagram Mute (And How Not to Get Muted)

For the conflict-averse, or those who just want a breather from a certain Instagram account, it's time to get acquainted with your new best friend: the Instagram mute feature.

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Dentistry IQ

We Need to Have Better Conversations About DIY Dentistry

We are witnessing the rise of companies that allow customers to perform irreversible dental procedures on themselves. While at-home whitening solutions have been around for roughly two decades without too much controversy, at-home orthodontics has generated significantly more concern.

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