Friday Five Roundup: From building relationships in healthcare through social media to 2018 digital marketing trends

Twitter Business

3 Ways Healthcare Brands Use Twitter to Improve Health

As people continue to use technology to understand, manage, and improve their health, hospitals and other healthcare brands are using Twitter to create an online relationship that goes beyond the bedside.

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What is a Bitcoin Address? A 3-Minute Rundown

If you want to buy or sell items with Bitcoin, you need to be able to send and receive your funds from a certain location, kind of like sending and receiving mail through a mailbox.

But since we’re talking about sending and receiving Bitcoins -- and not postcards -- the location where you send and receive Bitcoins is actually on the internet and represented by a long series of letters and numbers. It’s called a Bitcoin address.

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Science Daily

Scientists Develop Material That Could Regenerate Dental Enamel

Researchers have developed a new way to grow mineralized materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental enamel and bone.

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Four Trends Poised To Shake Up Digital Marketing In 2018

While we cannot afford to forget the lessons of yesteryear, there are numerous new challenges and opportunities shaking things up in 2018. To stay ahead of the game this year, marketers need to embrace trends such as growth hacking, voice control and programmatic marketing.
Beyond the inevitable continuation of influencer marketing's rise, there are a number of trends primed to change marketing for the better in 2018.

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Dentistry IQ

How Dentists Can Win Back Lost Patients

No dentist likes to lose patients, particularly when those patients take their business to competing nearby practices. Patient departures cannot be entirely prevented, however, there are steps dentists can take to steer their former patients back to their practice and prevent other patients from leaving in the first place.

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