Friday Five Roundup: From Oral Health and Cancer to Bitcoin Scams

Science Daily

Oral Health May Have an Important Role in Cancer Prevention

The bacteria that cause periodontitis, a disease affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth, seems to play a part also in the onset of pancreatic cancer.

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People are Getting Scammed by Facebook Ads Touting Bitcoin Miners

Beware of the accented letter in the domain name!
A fresh phishing technique has already caused losses. Will we see copycats in the near future? In 2010 Internationalized domain names were introduced. As a result, phishing perpetrators can purchase domain names that are eerily similar to well known companies and exploit people's interest in them.

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The Dental Geek

Five Ways to be the Best Associate

A happy staff leads to a happy life. If you set clear goals, communicate them, and then execute them in front of your staff, all while serving the patients, then your office and associateship will prosper. Here are five recommendations that will pay dividends for your entire career and allow you to get the most out of any job.

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How Pinterest Keeps the Internet Trolls Away

When is a social network not a social network? In some ways, Pinterest is more like a search engine than a social network.

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Medical News Today

Could Botox Stop Teeth Grinding?

New research suggests that the popular cosmetic procedure, Botox, could tackle another problem: teeth grinding. Is it worth a try?

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